Unisearch Inc. is a public-records research firm that specializes in the search, retrieval, and filing of public documents in all 50 states and internationally. They offer an extensive range of Uniform Commercial Code/Lien and Corporate services to the legal, financial and business communities.

Unisearch needed to establish a web presence as quickly as possible. I received copy content, a folder of images, and a two-week deadline. Unisearch wanted a site that was clean, easy to navigate, and informative. Together, we organized the information into six sections to answer the most frequently asked questions of the various audiences that would use the website. Unisearch then asked me to add an animated slideshow of the state capitol to the landing page for visual appeal.




PHP, HTML, CSS, UX design, front-end development, content management, project management


  • Director of Marketing and Brand Kimberly Parks