Tualatin River Watershed Map

Clean Water Services is slowly cleaning up our mess. More than rainwater, tap water or used water, Clean Water Services and their member cities view water as a single resource that supports everything from public health to our local economy. Their mission is to maintain and improve the infrastructure, innovation, and efficiency of water resources to ensure the quality of life throughout the Tualatin River Watershed.

Sheepscot Creative asked me to create an interactive map to highlight the clean-up efforts of their client Clean Water Services. Working with an existing map, we built an interactive map that allows a visitor to tour the various work sites across the Tualatin Valley Watershed. The map is zoom-able and drag-able. Markers activate information-rich popups and link to case studies. Once completed, the map was adapted for display on the CSW Squarespace website.




JavaScript, HTML, jSON


  • Account Manager Benna Gottfried
  • Sheepscot Creative President Dave Weich