The Well

The Well is a seasonal digital magazine published by Moda for its members. It offers practical ideas to help people stay on the path to better health. It also provides tips about benefits, to help members make the most of their wellness journeys. The Well touts itself as a quarterly source for healthy inspiration, news, and advice.

The Well magazine was my first project with Moda and my introduction to Sitecore. The magazine comes out quarterly, features 4-6 articles per issue, and is produced in two versions: one for OEBB1 members and one for PEBB2 members. The versions differ in slightly but importantly in language and content. I was handed a content, given access to the backend, and asked to emulate what had been done before. I made inline stylesheets to help match updates to the design and provided code for the development team to implement for future issues. I created 5 issues of the Well from Summer 2018 to Summer of 2019, integrating custom-designed lists, accordions, and video.




HTML, CSS, UX design, content management, documentation


  • Business Manager Alethea Sabia
  • Senior Designer Aubree Swalko 
  • Senior Writer Stan Carlberg