The Strange Array

After my Twenty Questions project ran its course, I converted my Tumbr into a visual-inspiration board for characters I am developing for a writing project. I take pains to identify the subject and credit the artist-photographer whenever possible.

Characters ideas

  1. A conservatively dressed Hasidic woman in her early twenties
  2. A woman who stands 6’3″ tall
  3. A square-jawed detective of natural beauty with a military background
  4. A bearded detective who abandoned the Hasidic community that raised him
  5. His supportive and well-dressed husband, the doctor
  6. An unflappable man with extensive martial arts training
  7. A community leader and counselor
  8. An older, female professor of Hawaiian descent who married a conservative rabbi
  9. A mother of orphans who owns a bar
  10. Her wife, the lawyer
  11. A genius, billionaire, philanthropist, and captain of industry
  12. The bearded religious leader of a Hasidic community in his sixties or seventies
  13. A home-schooled student in her first year at a major metropolitan university
  14. A transgender woman, confident in her own identity
  15. Another who is not
  16. A barista who does not suffer assholes
  17. A whip-smart, socially awkward student
  18. A tweedy uncle and retired professor who owns the university watering hole
  19. Supportive, blue-collar parents
  20. Members of a close-knit Jewish community
  21. Members of a neighborhood watch
  22. The eclectic faculty of a city university
  23. The officers and detectives of the local police precinct
  24. A young, flamboyant drag queen
  25. A bartender who serves as an underworld liaison
  26. A dog named “tits”
  27. A no-nonsense librarian
  28. An overcoat infused with technology that lets it adapt to blend with its surroundings
  29. A free-spirited, sexually confident character that balances a conservative and repressed one
  30. A female gym rat who refers to her trans friend as “Tiny”




Various search engines, browser developer tools, curation, research, investigation


  • Librarian and Comic Book Historian Robert Hulshof-Schmidt

Lessons Learned

  1. Every professional photographer worth his/her salt has an Instagram account.
  2. An Instagram account tends to have richer content and better citation than the photographer’s professional website. A photographer is more likely to tag a subject on Instagram.
  3. Instagram images are excluded from Google Image searches.
  4. Pinterest users rarely if ever cite sources.
  5. Celebrity fan sites are loaded with content. Unfortunately, the photographer is rarely given credit.
  6. Alternate versions of a photo can be found by sifting through Similar Images. The original may be in color or cropped differently.