The Jam

The Jam does not suffer assholes gladly. That’s probably the reason he’s one of my favorite comic book characters. The Jam, formally known as the Jammer, is a fictional Canadian costumed hero who was created by Toronto native Bernie Mireault. He was also the subject of the second article I wrote for Wikipedia.

My first Wikipedia article was of Stardust the Super Wizard, a cosmic-level entity who exacted brutal vengeance on criminals, mass murderers, and would-be conquerors. For my second article, I wanted to write about a character on the opposite end of the superheroic power spectrum. Technically, the Jammer isn’t even a superhero. He’s a normal guy who happens to enjoy patrolling the rooftops of his neighborhood in a homemade costume. The Jammer often finds himself in the right place at the right time and is compelled to act heroically.

I thought the Jam would be a much easier article. His story is more relatable. His list of abilities is certainly shorter. And unlike Stardust, I truly love the Jammer character. His creator Bernie Mireault is one of my favorite comic creators. This project was going to be a labor of love. And as it turned out, the Jammer article was a lot more fun, but it was far from simple.

“I think the article is really well done and I thank you for the fine work!”
Bernie Mireault, Creator of the Jam

What the creator-owner character lacked in abilities, he more than made up for in complicated publication history. The initial 14-issue run of The Jam Urban Adventure spanned 12 years and 6 publishers. In addition, the Jammer has been featured in a team-up, a prose short story, a feature-length graphic novel, and has made a variety of cameo appearances — bringing the grand total of publishers to an impressive 18.

It was great rereading the old comics which held up well with age. It was also wonderful to find the new work I had not seen. When the article was complete, I contacted Bernie Mireault through social media. He was both excited and humbled to see his beloved character featured on Wikipedia. Bernie gave his stamp of approval and happily provided the reference image for the article.




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  • Creator Bernie Mireault

Stardust the Super Wizard vs. the Jammer

  • Stardust the Super Wizard is headquartered in a crime-detecting astral observatory that is located on his own private star. The Jammer rents a one-room apartment in a sketchy neighborhood that he shares with his dog and girlfriend.
  • Stardust wears a radiation belt that allows him to command the fundamental forces of the universe. The Jammer wears a self-styled “futility belt” in which he carries small objects such as business cards, a notepad, and pet-waste bags.
  • Stardust wears a star metal suit that renders him invulnerable to chemicals, electricity, and blunt-force trauma. The Jammer wears a loose-fitting dark-green hooded jogging suit (from Sears) that helps keep him warm on cold winter nights in Montreal.
  • Stardust appeared in 17 stand-alone stories published between 1939 and 1941. The Jammer storyline features 4 major story arcs, 2 multi-issue stories, and 16 short stories published between 1985 and 2016.