SW Portland
Martial Arts Classes

Everybody may be kung-fu fighting. But not everybody was as fast as lightning. But that’s okay. We’re all learning. Southwest Portland Martial Arts (SWPMA) trains students in Mo Duk Pai kung fu, Systema, Kali, American boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Yoga, Olympic Lifting, and CrossFit. Their mission is to provide students with quality instruction, support a love of learning, and instill an open appreciation for all movement arts.

I currently teach a beginner to intermediate-level classes of students with ages ranging from 14 to 60-years old. Some evenings, attendance is up to eight people. Other evenings, I find myself with a single student. One week, the class will be composed of regular students who are ready to tussle. The next week, we may have a brand-new student who is scared of his own shadow. Carefully laid class plans are often scrapped and reworked on the fly in response to attendance and experience. What is important is to keep people active, introduce them something new, and make sure they have fun as they learn.


Class planning, teaching, coaching, mentoring, wrangling, counseling, problem-solving, delegation, public speaking


  • Head of School Sifu Wally Jones
  • Fellow Teacher Jaydra Perfetti
“Thanks for another fun class, Matthew!”
Amalia, teenage student