SW Portland Martial Arts
Training Manuals

Southwest Portland Martial Arts (SWPMA) is a school in the Mo Duk Pai System of kung fu. We teach our students in the ethical use of physical force. Throughout study and practice, SWPMA students are exposed to striking, grappling, throwing, weapons, sparring, teaching, and forms. Mo Duk Pai believes that the generalist – a well-rounded student, with a broad range of experience – has the best chance of survival when faced with the unexpected.

In preparation for advancement, I took it upon myself to update our school’s training documents. I contacted authors, corrected errors, updated references, and established a consistent design. The finished product is a 43-page manual that covers the requirements for 7 martial rankings and the first 22 fighting principles of Mo Duk Pai.


Graphic design, research, editing


  • Head of School Sifu Wally Jones
“Mo Duk Pai is designed to expose students to a broad range of martial techniques. Our goal is to create martial problem solvers.”
Sifu Wally Jones