Quorum (also known as Quorum Analytics) is an American multinational software technology company headquartered in Washington, DC. The company produces an online legislative data analysis and aggregation platform that provides quantitative insights for qualitative policy questions. Quorum was developed for stakeholder engagement, legislative tracking, and grassroots advocacy.

Quorum compiles and aggregates publicly available big data—in the form of bills, amendments, committee documents, floor statements, voting records, social media posts, press releases, email newsletters, and census data—into a single, comprehensive database. The platform then uses quantitative analytics to identify key players in specified legislation.

Quorum has been used to identify who is speaking on a specific issue, measure the effectiveness of lawmakers, identify connections between representatives, identify champions of specific legislation, review congressional records, and gauge the congressional response to specific issues.

Quorum was the first Wikipedia article that I wrote for a company. I was given the company’s marketing copy and a handful of links to news articles. I removed the subjective language from the copy so it read more like an encyclopedic entry and pulled information from news coverage to flesh out the article. Additional research collected 44 citations of local and national news coverage to support and justify the company’s notability.

“We are good to move forward! Thank you!”
Josh Greene




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