ODS Community Dental

ODS1 has been delivering dental services to all Oregonians for more than 60 years. In 1994, they devoted all of their attention to Medicaid members.

Today, they are known as ODS Community Dental. And, they exist solely to serve Oregon’s Medicaid community.

I was the build lead for the ODS Community Dental website. I was responsible for organizing content, assembling pages, troubleshooting design consistency, and refining customer journeys. In addition, I managed all the change requests for the project which involved articulating requests, creating comparable screenshots, routing changes to the appropriate departments, and monitoring progress. In project meetings, I helped the design and development teams proactively problem-solve. I worked collaboratively with directors, project managers, business managers, designers, developers, content specialists, and writers to produce the 17-page website that serves both partners and members.




UX design, content management, change management, meeting facilitation


  • Project Manager Mike McGuffey
  • Designer Joanna Pasik
  • Writer Dana Rittenberry
  • Front-end Developer Jonathan Duran
  • Sitcore Engineer Gerardo Perez Dominguez
  • UX Designer Jolma Ren