Moveable Type

Artist Kyle Durie built a letterpress studio in the back of a 1982 Chevy step van and spent two years touring the country. She visited schools, weekend markets, city parks, alternative art spaces, not-so-alternative art spaces, music festivals, front stoops, and just about anywhere else that had a demand, desire, or interest in learning about printing. Along the way, Kyle taught workshops and attended craft shows. The majority of her tour was scheduled. But Kyle was also known to simply pull into a new town, park the truck, and welcome curious folks to check out her rig and try their hand at pulling a print or two to take home with them. Kyle enjoyed sharing her love of printing and made it accessible to as many people as she possibly could along the way.

The site was developed from designs provided by the Bureau of Betterment. After the site was built and Kyle was on the road, I was sent periodic tour updates. I adjusted the schedule, researched the new stops, wrote a short description for each, provided links, and generated Google maps so they could be located.




PHP, HTML, CSS, Typekit, Google Maps, research, copy editing


  • Letterpress Evangelist Kyle Durie
  • Designer Mette Hornung Rankin