Moda Health1 is a Portland-based health organization, founded in 1955, that provides medical and dental insurance to its members in Oregon and Alaska. Moda Health offers innovative, evidence-based health plans, diverse provider networks, member programs, and caring customer service.

The Moda Marketing Department supports the Moda websites and the websites of its subsidiaries. I was initially contracted to updated and edit existing content, as well as creating new pages according to established branding guidelines. I took on the responsibility of trouble-shooting work requests from the various departments and assigning them to the appropriate development teams. I assisted with the build of the BenefitHelp Solutions website and became build lead for both the Astra Practice Partners and ODS Community Dental websites. Having worked in the confluence of design and development for the majority of my career, I acted as a liaison between the design and development teams — translating at times, and problem-solving at others. I have consulted on UX/UI design, design consistency, reusability, streamlining processes, and formatting. I worked collaboratively with directors, project managers, business managers, designers, developers, content specialists, and writers.




HTML, UX design, content management, change management, meeting facilitation, documentation


  • Project Manager Darci Weber
  • Business Manager Alethea Sabia
  • Project Manager Mike McGuffey
  • Senior Designer Aubree Swalko 
  • Designer Joanna Pasik
  • Director of UX Ed Stojackovic