Knot or Not

I created a board game to determine if couples are ready to get married. I moonlight as a wedding officiant. Part of my service includes marriage counseling. My version of marriage counseling happens in a bar where the couple buys the drinks and I get to ask the hard questions — which at this point, should not be hard. “Why are you getting married?” “How do you balance one another?” “Are you planning to have children?”

The conversation serves as a gut check to the couple and gives me some insight into their relationship.

When my tabletop friends asked me to officiate their wedding, I was inspired to create a cooperative board game to test their inter-couple knowledge.

I enlisted the help fo a graphic designer and a letterpress artist to produce a working prototype that included game board, rules of play, pawns, two distinct sets of trivia cards, and a stack of end-game problems. The game featured 120 Common Knowledge cards that asked questions that intimate partners should be able to answer and 60 Small Victory cards that ask the couple to determine which of them is better at a given challenge.

Questions were answered as a couple. Players could only advance only when both people agreed.

I tested the game with a dozen couples and was able to simplify the rules and refine the gameplay. The project fulfilled its goal of testing the compatibility of couples. Unfortunately, close couples just breezed through the questions. For these people, there is little reason to play the game again. In future versions, I need to add a sense of risk and consequence.




Game theory, UX design, writing, art direction, copy editing


  • Designer Sonia Jones