Gravelly Pet Project

The Gravelly Pet Project was a fundraising program whose mission was to provide pet-rescue groups with marketing support and high-quality products designed for pet lovers. The company was a family affair, led by commercial illustrator Jud Guitteau, his designer wife Lynn, and his sister Nancy. The Guitteaus knew that many rescue groups were run by dedicated volunteers with limited time and resources. Gravelly Pet Project partnered with these organizations, marketed their services, and donated 20% of each sale on the website to the group if it was selected by the purchaser.

The Guitteaus wanted a simple e-commerce site that allowed visitors to shop from a select catalog of their work and then donate a portion of the proceeds to a pet rescue organization of their choice. We teamed up with Corey Branstrom, who handled the transaction security and QuickBooks integration, to create a colorful and upbeat site to feature Mr. Guitteau’s amazing art.

Purchasable items included coffee mugs, tote bags, sticky pads, buttons, greeting cards, and decals — all with awesome illustrations of cats and dogs.




PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Woo Commerce, front-end development, UX design, documentation


  • Designer Lynn Guitteau
  • Illustrator Jud Guitteau