Equipboard.com1 is an online database for musicians and music gear. The website was founded in 2013 by Giulio Chiarenza and Michael Pierce and has grown to be the largest online community centered around the gear musicians are using to create music. As of 2019, the site receives more than a million monthly visits and has received $650,000 in funding following participation in the 500 Startups accelerator program.

Equipboard was my first major setback on Wikipedia. Co-owner Giulio Chiarenza came to me with an article that had already been rejected by Wikipedia editors on the grounds of subjective language and lack of press coverage. I told him the language could be fixed, but the lack of news coverage would be a sticking point when it came to meeting notability criteria. Equipboard decided to go ahead with the rewrite anyway. I removed the subjective voice from the article, updated the citations, and fleshed out details on the company’s history. In the end, we had a solid article about a wonderful company. But, Wikipedia is a stickler with its notability criteria. And since Equipboard hadn’t been the subject of significant coverage in multiple reliable secondary sources, independent of itself, the article was nominated for quick deletion. Losing the frustrating, but Giulio Chiarenza was in good spirits. He explained that he and his partner are extremely passionate about the company and what it does. Unfortunately, they’re “just not PR guys.” My hope is we can revisit the article once Equipboard starts getting noticed in the press.

“Matthew delivered good work on a Wikipedia page project. The project required a lot of back and forth over an extended period of time, and Matthew's communication was always prompt and clear. I would work with him again.”
Giulio Chiarenza




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  • Co-owner Giulio Chiarenza