Educator Marketplace

Teachers deserve special treatment. Educator Marketplace is a unique shopping community that caters exclusively to teachers. It is updated weekly with new deals and exclusive offers by both well-known brands and smaller organizations selling great products.

SheerID worked with brands for years on creating some of the best deals for teachers and administrators, protected by SheerID’s verification technology. They needed a one-stop destination that displayed the offers that target educators. Ms. Parmele and I created a clean and visually engaging site with deals that were sortable by category. Members were offered special deals and a chance to win a weekly giveaway.

  • Build lead
  • Trello change management and follow-up
  • Meeting facilitator
  • Proactive problem-solver




PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, UX design, content management


  • Marketing Director Chelle Parmele
  • Art Director Jason Hershman