Black Book

Black Book, also known as Black Book Market Research, is a Tampa, Florida technology and services market research and opinion research company. The company provides competitive intelligence, market research, opinion mining, and related consulting services for brand, product, and service awareness tracking. The company also provides private polling services for media outlets, including U.S. News & World Report and The Wall Street Journal. Black Book Research has four divisions: Black Book Rankings, serving the healthcare industry; Black Book Reports, covering environmental issues, sustainability, the energy industry, and nonprofits; Black Book Polls, serving politics, government, and education; and Opinion Miners which provides database mining.

I was engaged by Black Book to help remove editorial flags on their article. The Wikipedia community felt that Black Book needed additional news coverage to meet notability criteria and that the copy read like marketing material. I removed the subjective voice from the article so it read more like an encyclopedia entry, added new references, updated citations, and fleshed out details.




Wikitext, copy editing, research, citation formatting, templating content, development strategy


  • CEO Douglas Brown