Astra Practice Partners

With more than 30 years of dental industry experience, Astra Practice Partners provides front and back-office solutions that help providers run a more efficient and profitable dental practice.

Originally three different dental service companies—DMC (Dentists Management Corporation), DCC (Dental Commerce Corporation), and Moda Health Services—they bring together finance, technology, and human resource solutions to become a single point of contact for the gamut of dental practice needs.

As a member of the Moda family of companies, their team of dental experts, well-connected industry relationships, and dental practice management solutions help practices grow by boosting bottom lines and achieving long-term goals.

I led the build for the Astra Practice Partners website. I was responsible for organizing content, assembling pages, troubleshooting design consistency, and refining customer journeys. In project meetings, I facilitated discussions between the design and development teams — translating at times, and problem-solving at others. I worked collaboratively with directors, project managers, business managers, designers, developers, content specialists, and writers to produce the 34-page website, covering 14 pieces of hardware and 16 software packages.




HTML, UX design, content management, change management, meeting facilitation, documentation


  • Project Manager Darci Weber
  • Designer Joanna Pasik
  • Writer Stan Carlberg
  • Front-end Developer Matt Hickerson
  • Sitcore Engineer Gerardo Perez Dominguez