1. Special Thanks

    A special thanks goes out to the following people who have provided invaluable help in the development and production of this conference.
    Edel Rodriguez's work has been featured in Print's 1998 New Visual Artists Annual and on the cover of the 2004 Communication Arts Illustration Annual. It has also been regularly selected to appear in the pages of Communication Arts, American Illustration, Society of Publication Designers, and The Society of Illustrators annuals.
    Spur Design has produced graphic design and marketing communications work for Adobe, Capitol Records, The Economist Group, MTV, and the National Academy of Sciences to name a few. Several of Spur’s posters are included in the permanent collection of the Library of Congress.

    Molly Z has created bold, energetic combinations of colors and imagery that have been used in licensing, advertising, publishing, branding, retail and community spaces. Some of her clients include Target, Random House Publishing, Lipton Soup, Proctor and Gamble, Lifeway Christian Resources, and Innovative Kids Publishing.
    Arutai Studios is a web design and development studio based in Portland, Oregon - creating websites and marketing presentations for individuals, companies, organizations, agencies, corporations, foundations, and movements.

    MacDock offers premium hosting services powered by the latest and greatest Apple hardware and software. Whether you simply need some personal web space with web-based email access or your organization needs large-scale hosting with MySQL and PHP, MacDock offers professional, reliable Mac-based solutions.
    Illustration Friday is a weekly illustration challenge. A topic is posted every Friday and then participants have all week to come up with their own interpretation.

    Amateur Illustrator provides a platform for artists and illustrators to showcase their work and recieve critique. The forums are the real heart of the community where most of the discussion goes on and the articles section aims to provide useful and informative reading on all things art and illustration.
    Creative Public is your graphic design & Web design business guide for resources such as: forms, contracts, pricing guides, manuals, policies and more!

    And the spouses and families of the ICON5 Board of Directors.
    We appreciate the numerous illustrators who have given us permission to use their art on this site. We thank you for your generosity in helping us make this site look it's best. They include:
    1. Monika Aichele
    2. Peter Arkle
    3. Scott Bakal
    4. Guy Billout
    5. Stephen Bliss
    6. Juliette Borda
    7. Enrico Casarosa
    8. Michel Casarramona
    9. Marcos Chin
    10. Seymour Chwast
    11. Fernanda Cohen
    12. Sally Wern Comport
    13. Jean-Philippe Delhomme
    14. Ronnie del Carmen
    15. David Flaherty
    16. Von Glitschka
    17. Rudy Gutierrez
    18. Marcellus Hall
    19. Shane Harrison
    20. Jessie Hartland
    21. David Heatley
    22. Rod Hunt
    23. Iconfactory
    1. James Jean
    2. Maria Jönnson
    3. Federico Jordan
    4. Don Kilpatrick
    5. Nora Krug
    6. Dane LaChiusa
    7. Catherine Lazure
    8. Warren Linn
    9. Luba Lukova
    10. Ross MacDonald
    11. Stephan Martiniere
    12. Richard McGuire
    13. Tara McPherson
    14. Aaron Meshon
    15. Roderick Mills
    16. Jeff Moores
    17. Robert Neubecker
    18. Christoph Niemann
    19. Kathy Osborn
    20. Gary Panter
    21. Leif Parsons
    22. Daniel Pelavin
    23. Robert Risko
    1. Victoria Roberts
    2. Edel Rodriguez
    3. Laurie Rosenwald
    4. Marina Sagona
    5. Steven Salerno
    6. Zina Saunders
    7. Stephen Savage
    8. Chris Sharp
    9. Yuko Shimizu
    10. David Shringley
    11. Keri Smith
    12. Mark T. Smith
    13. Nancy Stahl
    14. Mark Alan Stamaty
    15. Katherine Streeter
    16. James Sturm
    17. Mari Takabayashi
    18. Mark Todd
    19. Jack Tom
    20. Mark Ulriksen
    21. Melissa Verge
    22. Henning Wagenbreth
    23. Susan Hunt Yule