1. Main Stage Podcasts with Steven Heller

    Brows still dripping and adrenaline pumping, speakers fresh off the Main Stage were interviewed by Steven Heller. These podacasts and are now available on the ICON5 website for your listening pleasure.

    To listen to the below podcasts simply click the link and let the MP3 load into your browser or save it to your machine and listen to it using iTunes or Quicktime.

  2. Gary Panter

    Fresh from Let's Get Personal
    Gary Panter, a New Yorker for 21 years, humorously investigated the nature of professionalism while giving common-sense advice based on his varied and unusual 35-year long career. Peppered with salty anecdotes, his talk revealed the state of mind it takes to do personal and commissioned work. He discussed his creative lifestyle and digressed into the pitfalls of Hollywood and fundamentalist religion.

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  3. James Jean

    Fresh from Digital Coloring With James Jean
    James Jean, renowned artist/author of Process: Recess, conducted a workshop where traditional and digital chops meet. James demonstrated digital coloring techniques, incorporating traditional media, taking a line drawing to a fully rendered finish in Photoshop.

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  4. Mitch Nash

    Fresh from Dirty Girls and Cat Butts
    Mitch Nash, creative director at Blue Q, the compnay that brings you humor-infused products like Cat Butt Magnet, Mullet Shampoo or the ever popular Dirty Girl and Miso Pretty bath products, demonstrated how the partnership between a great creative director and great illustrator can produce truly amazing results, how an illustrator can offer their best talent, and how a creative director can help an illustrator reach his or her full potential. Nash focused on his best collaborations, why they worked, and how Blue Q measures collaborative succes.

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  5. Stephanie Plunkett

    Fresh from the Society of Illustrators & Illustration House Tour
    Stephanie Plunkett, assistant director of The Norman Rockwell Museum at Stockbridge, conducted a two-part romp through the most important collections of original, vintage illustration in NY. The tour began at the Society of Illustrators’ 1875 carriage house. Stephanie Plunkett unearthed gems by Norman Rockwell, Jessie Willcox Smith, Maxfield Parrish, JC Leyendecker, and many more. The tour continued on to Illustration House, the eminent gallery for the original works by American illustrators.

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  6. Stanley Hainsworth

    Opening Keynote Speaker
    Stanley Hainsworth inspired ICON5 with his keynote presentation. His experience as Global Creative Director for Nike, Lego and Starbucks makes him a singular voice in design today. The words Handcrafted, Artistic, Sophisticated, Human and Enduring were the centerpiece of his talk addressing The Big Picture. These five filters for creativity infuse his new creative company Tether in Seattle.

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