1. ICON5 Sketchcrawl

    Wednesday, July 2 | Free and Open to Everyone | 12 Noon to 5:00pm
    SketchCrawl is a worldwide event created by Pixar artist Enrico Casarosa. It involves people from different corners of the world in a day of sketching and journaling and then sharing the work in an online forum. The ICON5 SketchCrawl will be a local variation on this idea. Attendees will spend the afternoon sketching in and around Central Park and the Museum of Natural History. Afterwards, we will all meet up at the Roosevelt Hotel bar to share our drawings and experiences with each other. Meet up with Enrico Casarosa, Ronnie Del Carmen, and Peter Cusack in the Roosevelt Lobby at noon.

  2. Drawing Strength: A Global Symposium on
    The Benefits of Illustration Organizations

    Wednesday, July 2 | 2:00pm to 4:00pm | The Roosevelt Hotel, State Suite
    Rod Hunt, Deputy Chairman, Association of Illustrators, UK
    Anders Suneson, Board Member, Swedish Association of Illustrators
    Terry Brown, Director Emeritus, Society of Illustrators
    In an industry increasingly under pressure, how does membership in an illustration organization benefit illustrators and the health of illustration as a whole? Is there strength in numbers? What makes an association work? And what's going on with European organizations? European and American association representatives come together to discuss these questions and others in a symposium covering campaigning, ethical matters, fees, promotion and the European Illustrators Forum.

    For more information, contact Derek Brazell, Interim Manager AOI.

  3. The Power of Personalized Promotion

    Thursday, July 3 | 2:00pm - 3:00pm | The Roosevelt Hotel
    Today's best direct mail promotions are achieved by working with print providers who use digital press technology that can automatically personalize your project to your potential client. Using this approach in his promotions, humorous illustrator Jeff Moores has generated seven times more responses — and seven times more jobs — than he had from other methods he used for two decades. Find out how Jeff produces promotions that stand out in the crowd of promotions art directors receive daily. He'll show you why personalized direct marketing is the future of self-promotion and will offer tips on simple, low-cost ways to get started. This session is sponsored by Xerox.

  4. Adobe Presents: Technology Sneak Peek

    Thursday, July 3 | 3:30pm - 4:00pm | The Roosevelt Hotel
    Be one of the first to see what’s coming with Adobe® Illustrator® and Adobe® Photoshop®. Terry Hemphill, senior product marketing manager at Adobe, and Von Glitchka, principal of Glitschka Studios, will team up to give you a quick look into upcoming technologies.

  5. Opening Night Reception

    Thursday, July 3, 7:00 - 9:00pm | The Roosevelt Hotel
    Following the very first ICON5 evening session, swing into the Opening Night Reception in the Palm Room of the Roosevelt Hotel. The Half-Tones made up of our very own musical illustrators, Barry Blitt, Joe Ciardiello, Rob Saunders, James Steinberg and Michael Sloan will perform their own blend of jazz and rhythm & blues. Chat with old friends, meet new ones, grab a drink and hug a sponsor as we kick off the beginning of a fantastic conference.

  6. NY Times Gallery Opening

    Thursday, July 3, 8:00pm-10:00pm | New York Times Building
    Check out the new digs of the NY Times and attend a special opening of Henning Wagenbreth’s work immediately following the ICON5 Opening Night Reception. Exhibition location to be announced.

  7. Book Signings

    Thursday, July 3 to Saturday, July 5 | ICON Bookstore | Grand Ballroom Foyer
    Book signings will follow each session. Bring a copy of a speaker's book for signing. You can purchase your copy ahead of time on our website or at our bookstore located directly outside the Grand Ballroom.
  8. The Wall

    Thursday, July 3 to Saturday, July 5 | The Roosevelt Hotel
    Action and reaction will occur on "The Wall"... Get involved and participate with this moveable feast for the eyes as it grows and changes as the conference days go by. Make your mark, leave an impression, and draw with the best of the best. The panels will be auctioned off online post conference.
  9. ICON5 Mistress of Ceremonies Nona

    Friday, July 4 to Saturday, July 5
    New Yorker cartoonist Victoria Roberts appears onstage on Friday and Saturday as one of her cartoon characters, Nona. Nona will start the day with announcements and pearls of wisdom. The NY press and fellow illustrator Elwood Smith say, “She is simply amazing. Vivacious Victoria transforms herself into an elderly, doddering, extremely odd woman with bright orange hair & chattering teeth. She dances. She sings. She tells wonderfully weird stories.”

  10. New York City, Real & Imagined

    A collaborative book project | On display at The Roosevelt Hotel
    The conference is over and we're still accepting submissions! Be seen and heard by participating in the collaborative book - New York City, Real & Imagined. This book showcases our many different and individual perspectives of the city that we’ve all come to know through films, written word, legend, or the daily grind. Contact Julia Breckenreid for information, and show us your version of NY. The cover has been beautifully hand-bound by book artist Don Taylor.

    Special thanks to sponsor Legion Paper for the paper.

  11. Main Stage Podcasts with Steven Heller

    Throughout the Conference
    Brows still dripping and adrenaline pumping, speakers fresh off the Main Stage were interviewed by Steven Heller. The recordings are now posted to our Podcasts page for your listening pleasure.

  12. Shorts & Clips

    Friday, July 4, 6:15pm-6:45pm | The Roosevelt Hotel
    Don't feel like braving the 4th of July crowds and firecrackers? Stay inside in the air-conditioned hotel and enjoy award-winning illustrator's short films by David Shrigley, Guy Billout, Serge Bloch among others. Be the first to preview clips of Fear(s) of the Dark, a film featuring Charles Burns and Richard McGuire to be released this fall. For the finale, discover Jean Philippe Delhomme and Mark Todd's unique ad campaigns for the web. Curated and presented by Isabelle Dervaux.
  13. Tintin & I
    Documentary by Anders Østergaard

    Friday, July 4, 7:00pm-8:30pm | The Roosevelt Hotel
    Why does the comic strip The Adventures of Tintin, about an intrepid boy reporter, continue to fascinate us decades after its publication? Tintin and I highlights the potent social and political underpinnings that give Tintin's world such depth, and delves into the mind of HergÈ, Tintin's work-obsessed Belgian creator, to reveal the creation and development of Tintin. In collaboration with P.O.V., the award-winning independent non-fiction film series on PBS nonfiction film series.
  14. July 4th Fireworks Viewing on the East River

    Friday, July 4, 9:00pm-9:30pm | FDR Drive at 42nd Street
    Walk five blocks from the Roosevelt towards the East River on 42nd St. The FDR Drive will be closed for spectator viewing 7:00pm to 10:00pm from 14th to 42nd Sts. Over 20,000 aerial shells and special effects are set off from four barges, & the New York Fire Department's fire boats shoot 300 ft. jets of red, blue & clear water. For more viewing locations, call Macys' Fireworks Hotline (212) 494-4495 or visit macys.com.

  15. Topical Lunches

    Saturday, July 5, 12:00 noon - 2:00pm | Nearby Restaurants
    Want to dig deeper with others who share your interests? Share a table with a discussion moderator and ten other illustrators at a nearby restaurant. Network and bounce your ideas off others. Topics include:
    Sandra Dionisi - Standing Together While We Work Alone
    Andrew Foster - Challenge Yourself before Challenging Illustration
    Doug Fraser - Under The Influence
    Nora Krug - Why Are Stories so Compelling?
    T.R. Logan - How to Rule the World: The Funny Side of Licensing
    Melanie Reim - Dusting off the Lunchbox
    Edel Rodriguez - Get your Foot in the Door, from both Sides
    Lizzy Rockwell - Acting Childish
    Thorina Rose - Drawing on Pain
    Nancy Stahl - Paint, It Ain't...?
    Registration on July 3 and 4 at the Roosevelt Hotel. Lunches will sell out quickly.
    Click here for a PDF of the Topical Lunch descriptions.
  16. Carnival Carioca | The Big Party

    Saturday, July 5, 8:00pm -12:00am | The Roosevelt Hotel Grand Ballroom
    Come one, come all to a grande spectacle and perfect ending to The Big Picture. High-energy fun and a few surprises as you dance the night away with DJ Brendan Griffiths of Creative Time.