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    The Illustration Conference

    We are a grass-roots professional organization established in 1998 to promote the use of Illustration in all media, provide a platform for Illustrators and image-makers to address issues, form a tight knit community, and develop new approaches to this historically significant profession. The Illustration Conference, better known as ICON, is a non-profit organization of illustrators and is an entity onto itself. ICON has no membership and it exists due to the support of its volunteer board of directors, its sponsors and the conference registration fees paid by attendees.

    Previous ICONs:
    ICON3 in Philadelphia web site
    ICON4 in San Francisco web site.

    Our inaugural conference in October 1999 brought together top illustrators, educators, representatives, and art buyers to explore the future of illustration. This event was the first national caucus for illustrators and was an overwhelming success, selling out to over 500 attendees from around the world. Through discussion and presentations we launched what has become an ongoing networking and information exchange among professional illustrators, clients, students, educators, and colleagues in related fields such as photography and design.

    ICON is active in educating the illustration community in regards to current issues that effect all of us.

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    Since 1999, ICON has produced three more conferences in Santa Fe, Philadelphia and San Francisco. These conferences continued to probe and discuss the issues relevant to the field of illustration and design. They examined specific topics such as copyright, product development, children’s books, promotion and contracts.

    ICON continues to gather the industry’s best and brightest talent to present and talk about their work, their business, their lives, and their passion for illustration. The conferences have grown to include inspiring, informative and topical pre-conference tours and workshops. ICON5 is going a step further with ambitious attendance goals, increased global involvement and more pre-conference events to make the ICON5 experience a must-do for 2008.
  2. Our Mission

    The mission of ICON is to provide a forum for an ongoing dialogue that serves practitioners in the illustration community, the academic communities related to illustration, the whole industry of the applied graphic arts, and the clients with whom illustrators collaborate. ICON provides a platform for the most influential illustrators and industry leaders to address, in a timely manner, the most pervasive issues facing the profession.
  3. How We Bring It All Together

    The programming of ICON is a balance of advocacy, business practices and inspiration. Advocacy is at the core of ICON’s mission. It is expressed through fair and open discussion of all perspectives, thus allowing attendees to become informed and able to make choices in their professional careers. Gaining tangible skills and knowledge relating to the studio, to business practice and to our industry is a hallmark of our conferences. Prominent illustrators and creatives from related fields conduct presentations, sessions, and workshops to share their experiences and insights on topics relating to the conference theme. Speakers are carefully selected for their unique contribution to the industry and their ability to convey content relevant to the varied constituencies in attendance.

    In addition to accomplishing our mission, ICON5 will take advantage of New York’s rich contribution, both past and present, to the field of illustration, design, and technology.
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